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Once upon a time, boys and girls believed the policeman was their friend, someone who would help if they were lost or in trouble. Children hoped to someday wear badges, catch bad guys, and be just like their heroes. Unfortunately, the police they and their families encountered in real life were not Chester Gould's Dick Tracy or Norman Rockwell's cop-at-the-diner.

Actual cops were appallingly apathetic when Grandma was robbed but frightfully zealous when Dad exceeded the speed limit. Actual cops were too busy breaking up a teammate's party to bother investigating a classmate's murder. Actual cops were far more concerned with politics and quotas than with law and order, so disillusioned young adults of fine moral character found new role models and goals, and power-hungry bullies found their way into police academies.

AssholeCops is dedicated to changing this cycle by exposing the corruption and abuses that citizens and internal affairs departments routinely overlook. Please help by commenting on stories and contributing your own, sharing relevant photos, and forwarding appropriate news links. Registered users can upload plain copy and links via "Read/Write Here" on the next page. Long files and all attachments should be submitted to